Pelikan M200 Translucent Amber (with stub nib)


Pen: Pelikan M200 (Translucent)

Colour: Amber

Nib: Reform 0.9 italic stub (brass)

Filler: Internal piston

Price: RM216.00

Dealer: KS Gill

Rumour has it that Pelikan has discontinued its line of M200 translucent pens. However, no one knows definitively if this is true. A quick look at the websites of major online pen dealers would seem to confirm that this rumour is true: Almost every online dealer labels these translucent beauties as “SOLD OUT”. However, they can still be easily found here in Malaysia – even in the department stores like Parkson Grand and bookshops like MPH. This leads me to think that Pelikan is actually still churning out these beauties. And if I’m right, my advice to you is to purchase as many of these babies as you can – before Pelikan actually discontinues them!

The M200 line of translucent pens comes in five colours – grey, amber, red, green and blue. However, the grey and the amber M200s appear to be more translucent than the other three. If translucency is what you are looking for, go for these two colours. The other three members of this line-up appear to be more opaque than they are translucent. However, their translucency does show up in bright lighting conditions.

Like most of the pens in my collection, the M200 is what most people would classify as a mid-sized pen. Capped, the M200 is 13.2 centimetres in length. Posted, it measures 15.1 centimetres. The cross-section diameter, taken at the barrel’s centre, measures 1.4 centimetres. This is not a big pen. However, I suspect for most people, this will be big enough. Personally, I find some difficulty in writing with this pen if the cap is unposted. However, with the cap posted, I have no issues at all with the M200.

Ink fill is courtesy of Pelikan’s superb piston filler system. Action is smooth and sure. Further, being a piston filler pen, you can be sure that your M200 will hold a ton of ink. What else needs to be said?

The nib that came with my amber M200 was a standard Pelikan gold-plated stainless steel nib with a medium nibstroke. Since my other translucent M200 (the red one) came with the same nib, I decided to swap the standard nib with a brass 0.9 stub nib made for Reform pens – just for variety. Though not as crisp as the lines made with a standard italic nib, writing produced by this stub-nib M200 displays that calligraphy-like look which is quite pleasing to the eye.

Despite being a stub nib, writing with this pen is unexpectedly smooth. However, it will take some getting used to. Once you get past that stage, things begin to get really rosy. Writing with a stub is a different but quite satisfying experience. I have a feeling that there’s no turning back for me. Chances are it’ll be just a question of time before I order a custom cursive italic from one of the American nibmeisters.

In conclusion, I would have to say that the M200 is one of my favourite pens: it represents value for money. The M200 gives you the biggest writing pleasure bang for your hard earned bucks. Granted, the M200 doesn’t have the bling factor that its bigger siblings, the Souveran series, has. But there is very little that the Souveran has over the humble M200. If you are primarily concerned with writing performance and don’t care much about having gold nibs and pretty fittings, the M200 is right up your alley.


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