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Pen: Pelikan M200 (Translucent) Colour: Amber Nib: Reform 0.9 italic stub (brass) Filler: Internal piston Price: RM216.00 Dealer: KS Gill Rumour has it that Pelikan has discontinued its line of M200 translucent pens. However, no one knows definitively if this is true. A quick look at the websites of major online pen dealers would seem […]

Pen: Sailor 1911 (mid-size) Colour: Blue Filler: Cartridge/Convertor Nib: 18K gold (medium) Price: RM550.00 Dealer: Pen Gallery Sailors enjoy a sterling reputation for producing among the smoothest nibs on the planet. So, about two months ago, I went out and got myself a blue Sailor 1911M from Pen Gallery. Right off the bat, the Sailor […]

Types of Nibs Nibs come in two basic flavours: the ‘round nib’ and the ‘italic nib’. The plain vanilla round nib is by far the most common type of nib found on fountain pens today. The reason for this is that a round nib is easy to write with. It doesn’t matter whether it is […]