Reform Calligraph 0.9


Pen: Reform Calligraph 0.9

Nib: gold-plated 0.9 italic

Filler: internal piston

Colour: black

Price: RM50.00

Dealer: KS Gill


I was toying around with the idea of getting a pen with an italic nib. However, I wasn’t quite sure if I’d enjoy the italic nib experience. Thus, I wasn’t too thrilled about the prospect of spending serious money on such a pen. Salvation came in the form of the Reform Calligraph 0.9 that I found on a casual visit to KS Gill.

First off, the pen itself was a rather austere affair; another plain-looking black-barreled pen. Nothing to shout about – simple and non-ostentatious. On closer inspection, I found that the clip was reminiscent of those found on Pelikans. This prompted me to ask Ranjit of KS Gill if the two companies were somehow related. He answered that although Reform is a German manufacturer, it was a distinct and separate entity. Furthermore, Pelikan is now a Malaysian-owned company and any resemblance between the two companies’ products is purely coincidental.

The next thing I noticed was that there were two breather-holes on the nib instead of just one. According to Ranjit, this was to accommodate the Reform’s massive ink capacity. Hmmm… But since an italic nib lays down a much broader line, it would have to generate a higher level of inkflow. So, the Reform will require two breather-holes to achieve the correct pressure within the pen, which in turn, ensures smooth writing.

The Reform Calligraph is almost featherlight. For some, this may lead to the perception that the Reform is a low quality product. But do not be misled by its lack of weight. When you have a bout of heavy duty writing ahead of you, you’ll immediately appreciate lightness in a pen. And this is one of the lightest pens I know that will deliver quality performance at this level.

I was quite pleased to find that the Reform came with an internal piston filling system á la Pelikan and Montblanc. However, my delight was somewhat dampened by the tightness of mechanism. Often, I wondered if, because of the abnormally greater force required to turn the knob, I had somehow broken the pen. I am glad to report that to date, no such thing has happened. OK, the action is not as smooth as I would like it to be: but I am not paying Pelikan or Montblanc prices for the Reform either. I guess, this is a trade-off many will be willing to accept.

All this is fine and good. But how does it write?

For those not used to italic nibs, the Reform (like any other italic nibbed pen) will take a certain amount of getting used to. Because of the way italic nibs (any italic nib) are shaped, upstrokes with the pen have a tendency to dig into the paper if you are particularly ham-fisted. Just remember you are writing with a fountain pen i.e. use only as little writing pressure as possible. Get used to this and you will find that the results can be quite spectacular. You may even occasionally find yourself asking, “Wow! did I just write that?”

Should you buy this pen? If, like me, you are thinking of messing about with an italic nib but are not willing to spend too much money on the experiment, then, by all means, get the pen. There are other alternatives ( like the Lamy Joy) but it will be hard to go wrong with the Reform.

Is it likely that you will be using this pen as your daily writer? Of course, this is possible. But I don’t think so.

Be that as it may, you may want to consider using this pen for your signatures, though. Everybody loves adding some flair to their signatures, right?


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